Wrestling is a sport of a true test of strength, endurance, and power. But its not just a sport, its a way of life. A wrestling workout can be one of the most challenging workouts you can find. Learning a specific wrestling workout to condition the necessary muscles and maintain the necessary endurance, usually involves joining a club, or being on a team, or finding a coach.

The high physical demand of this sport calls for training of both strength and endurance. Anaerobic power is called upon for quick sudden bursts of speed and power. Technique and drilling are also major pieces to a well rounded athlete as well as "mental toughness". Hand strength, power, speed and balance are all areas that need to be addressed when training specifically for this sport.
All of this takes place while also paying close attention to weight management. Exercises that simulate fast explosive movements are best when training competitively. The off season is when size and strength is worked on.

The Mat...Iowa style
This sport is not for the weak!

Mike Krause Technique. I am a big fan of the way Mike teaches his kids!

Why should wrestlers focus on preseason training?

  • When the wrestling season comes, you can focus on wrestling. Being in peak physical shape will allow more time to be spent on technique and drilling.

  • Wrestlers that have put in their off season training are more prepared and mentally tough for grueling practices and matches.

  • Athletes who are physically prepared are less likely to get injured or hurt during practice or drilling.

    Check out Wrestlers Strength Training for an in depth view of the importance of strength conditioning.

    Beginner Wrestler strength exercises:
    1. Pull-ups
    2. Push ups
    3. Lunges
    4. Squats
    5. Leg raises
    6. Hand stand push-ups

    Click here for the "The Beast" Preseason wrestling workout!
    Remember the time will come when winter will ask, "what have you been doing all summer?"

    Parents click this link for information on your athletes first youth wrestling tournament.

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