Women and Weight Training

For a long time, the words women and weight training, did not go together. The gyms always seem to be crowded with women on the aerobic machines and men pumping iron. I teach a few conditioning and strength classes just for women and they always seem to get concerned when I bust out the weights. Bottom line, you want to burn some serious calories during and after your workout, then get on the iron ladies!

Here are a few facts about women and weight training:

  • You will not get "bulky" overnight. Gaining large amounts of muscle takes years of intensive training and specific nutrition.
  • After the age of 25, most men and women begin to lose muscle every year if strength training is not incorporated.
  • Even with a muscle building diet, a woman can only expect to gain about 0.25lbs per month. Woman, as you age, think of weight lifting as a way of preserving muscle, not building it.
  • Why won't women get as big as men when weight training? Men and women share the same basic muscular structure. But, due to lack of testosterone, a woman doesn’t have the potential to get as strong or as muscular as a man, even though they may train exactly the same way.
  • Toned muscles = less body fat. We all have a muscular structure and weight training can enhance the shape of your muscles. But reducing your body fat with a proper diet. will give you that “toned/ripped” look.
  • You can’t spot reduce so focus on compound movements that use multiple muscle groups. The more muscles you employ in your workout, the more calories you’ll burn. The larger the muscles you’re working are, the more calories you’ll burn. An effective training program is one that works all of your major muscle groups. The major muscle groups are your legs, back, chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

    Here are some of the incredible benefits of women lifting weights:
    1. Fat loss
    2. Muscle preservation
    3. Improves body composition
    4. Increases metabolism
    5. Increases bone density
    6. Increases energy
    7. Improves posture
    8. Improves balance and coordination
    9. Reduces risk of back injury
    10. Increases HDL cholesterol (the good type!)
    11. Improves muscular endurance
    12. Lowers blood pressure
    13. Lowers resting heart rate
    14. Relieves stress
    15. Improves mood
    16. Makes you feel good about yourself!
    17. Better chance of kicking someones ass if need be

    Take yourself out of your comfort zone and start to make some real changes in your health and appearance with some weight and resistance training. There are many classes out there that offer group strength training for women using weights, resistance bands, body weight, and/or kettlebells.

    Contact me for one of my intense toning and conditioning training sessions. New group strength and bootcamp training starting soon at Covert Fitness:, "Where serious athletes come to train!"

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