Myth : Spinning and Bulky Legs!

It time to clear up the myth that women should not take an indoor cycling class because it will make their legs too big.

Whats easier, going to a fun, tough and challenging indoor cycling class, or making an excuse that it will bulk up your legs? Do you know how to really bulk up your legs? By continuing to do nothing, by eating all that crap, consuming excess alcohol and making excuses not to challenge the athlete within you. Triathletes and road riders clock hundreds of miles a month and are the envy of other athletes with their lean slender legs.

At the end of the day if calories expended exceed calories consumed then weight loss will be evident. Indoor cycling can offer a very high calorie burn in a 45-60 minute class, ranging from 500-800 calories! Add some resistance training and now those toned sexy muscles will be more visual. Not bigger, toned!

You won't get bulky thighs just from cycling. To bulk up, these women with huge thighs would have to be taking protein and other supplements to add muscle mass. Women don't bulk up like men do, unless they go against nature and do it with supplements and high protein. This is true with any resistance training. Resistance Training will just help women tone faster, not develop huge muscles like men. Stop worrying and have fun! Or should I say stop making excuses and maybe you can actually buy sometihng at LULU lemon that isn't being stretched to its maximun capacity!

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