How to Select a Gym?

How to select a gym is a question many ponder this time of the year as outdoor training and physical activity becomes more dependent on the weather. When it comes to gyms, I have seen it all. And although some clubs take great pride in the service they provide, others simply do not. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a gym or health club.

  • Price: Proceed with caution here. Remember that old phrase,"you get what you pay for"? It also applies to selecting gyms. I am not saying join outside of your budget, but be aware of deals that look to good to be true. This may also have a direct impact on the quality of staff employed.
  • Location: No brain-er, if it's convenient, you are more likely to go. Will you be hitting the gym from home or from work? Be flexible in most cases it may be worth a short ride if the gym as what you really need, Crossfit, Kettlbells, good instructors etc.
  • Cleanliness: One thing to look for when joining a club is towel service. If clean towels are always readily available a gym is more likely to be cleaner. Be sure shower and locker areas have full time attendants who keep those areas clean. I always make sure I tip attendants I see regularly. It makes them feel appreciated and they will go out of their way to get you anything you need.
  • Classes: Does the club offer the classes you enjoy and are they included in the price of membership?
    Make sure they are at the times of the day that work for you. make sure the classes are legit. Most 60 inute classes are filled with alot of filler BS. Look for high intensity clases with a goal of fitness focus, strength, speed, endurance etc. Stop by unexpectedly, are the classes full??
  • Staff: Is the staff knowledgeable. Are trainers on-site, and are ALL instructors certified. Be cautious of staff harassing you to take their classes. HUGE WARNING sign.
  • Equipment: Does the gym have the fitness equipment you like to use. Does it have enough of the machines you like to train on. If the club only has one elliptical machine and that's your favorite you may want to reconsider. Do you like to watch TV while you are working out? Is the workout area crowded with useless machines that just look cool?
  • Toiletries: Does the gym provide soap, shampoo, razors etc. Or are these items you must bring with you if you intend on showering at the gym.
  • Test Drive: An absolute must. Most gyms will offer you a free day to try their club to be sure it is for you. Try all the machines, and different classes. Also go at different times of the day to be sure quality staff is always available. Does the music in the gym inspire you, or make you want to cry?

  • Ask around:. If someone refers a gym or training facility its probably worth a look.
  • Trainers: Are the trainers and staff health conscious?  Physically Fit and knowledgeable? Be careful here, there is a huge stereotype that all trainers are shredded and thin, this is NOT the case and many strength coaches, sport coaches have a huge amount of knowledge which can = fast real results!!

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