Restful Soccer Sleep for Maximal Recovery

by Mark

A whole page on Soccer Sleep?


Restful sleep is essential for optimal soccer performance and recovery.Like they say: the recovery from training is near as important as the training itself.

Pre-game nerves and post-game excitement can seriously undermine this ultra-important factor for re-generation and recuperation.

Most football games are scheduled late in the day, which means elevated energy-levels in the evening and into the night. With sometimes two or more games per week, this kind of thing can seriously screw up the players’ circadian rhythm, or sleeping patterns.

Following we have some guidelines on how to set things right.

10 Ways To Improve Your Soccer Sleep

Sleep like a Baby… Sound good?

Sleep is the #1 Recovery-Agent.

If you don‘t sleep right, you can‘t live right, never mind play right!

What about performing: on the soccer pitch, in business and private life? Forget about it when you‘re tired.

Lack of quality "soccer sleep" increases insulin-insensitivity, it weakens the immune-system and wreaks havoc on your training results.

You get cranky and might make the wrong decisions. This kind of thing can ruin a career and many a relationship.

Unfortunately, most soccer players have some sleeping problems; few and far in between are those with healthy, undisturbed sleep.

So what to do?

Here‘s a list with 10 practical tips to take and apply immediately for a good nights‘ rest:

Get up at the exact same time every day, no matter what.

Your body appreciates regularity. One of the main culprits for problems in this area are late nights, spent partying and in front of the TV.Should you for some reason get to bed late; no worries, just get up at the same time anyways.A 30-60 minute nap around mid-day will help restore the „sleep-banks“.

Go to bed at the exact same time every day, no matter what.

See above. After a while, your circadian rhythm, or inner-clock, will be so well tuned that you‘ll just fall asleep in a jiffy once you hit the sack.

Zero Light in the Bedroom

It‘s vital to have no light, neither natural nor artificial in the sleeping-quarters. No TV‘s, digital clocks, computers, lamps, or sunshine!

No Noise

Kinda obvious, really, but if the environment isn‘t totally silent at night(which it should be) a good pair of
ear-plugs is highly recommended.

Increase Morning-Cortisol

That means morning-energy. Now we get down to business:

Take Vitamin B5, Liquorice Root*, Organic Coffee and Green Tea upon arising.

*Liquorice Root can increase blood-pressure, so check with your doc first!

Calm Down at Nights

Try Organic Reishi Mushroom, Hops, Feverfew(Happy Herb), Lactuca Virosa and/or Lavender Oil. You‘ll sleep like a Baby…

Take up Weights-Training or other Rigorous Exercise

They used to say: „Can‘t sleep? Work harder!“ Has some truth to it, if you work -or work out- plenty, usually sleep is not a problem. Earlier in the day is better here.

Take a Quality Magnesium Supplement

Basically most forms of this „Main Man of Minerals“ are good, the one to avoid would be Magnesium Oxide.Try in between 1-2 gram(yes gram !;-) in the evening and around bedtime. Vitamin B6 helps absorption.

Do Some Meditation

If it‘s difficult to fall asleep because of the brain running wild, a good technique is to plan ahead the next day‘s activities/assignments/projects/soccer trainings, etc.Or you might think about what to eat and when… works like a charm !;-)

No Stimulants in the Afternoon/Evening

Whilst you might get to sleep, the quality of same would suffer tremendously. So no coffee, green tea, fat-burners etc. too late in the day.

A good time-frame to shoot for is 8-9 hours before bed-time. Keep this period stimulant-free.


It‘s basically about two things...

Regularity.Make sure to always go to bed -and especially to get up- at EXACTLY the same time, no matter what, no exceptions. Your body(and your long term health and performance)will thank you for it.

Restoration of proper Circadian-Rhythms.

I like the example of the little kid:

Once they‘re up, THEY‘RE UP!! Nothing can stop them, ALL DAY!Then, come evening time, they‘re so tired as to keel over standing.

With adults, this situation is reversed: Too tired to move in the morning and at night they have all that excess-energy which doesn‘t seem to allow restful sleep.The way to tweak it is to restore morning energy and to calm down at nights, as outlined above.

If you follow these 10 steps, you can „rest assured“ things will go back to their normal and healthful state, your "soccer sleep" will be perfect:

You will sleep like that proverbial baby!

Sweet Dreams !;-)

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