Pull-Up Controversy

by W/E Warrior

Coach: We need u to settle a "score"...my 3 sons and I are starting a good circuit workout. We've been putting pull-ups into the mix but always argue if palms should be facing away or towards us on the bar! What do u recommend?

p.s. Love the site...keep the tips coming...speedo season is just around the corner!

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Apr 07, 2010
Your first chin up ?
by: Mike

I recently stumbled upon an article from Alwyn Cosgrove, who outlines an easy routine for getting to your first chin-up the fastest. You have to do the following three times a week! Here is what he suggests:

1. Place a box or a bench underneath the chin-up bar.

2. Step on it and place your hands on the bar at shoulder width, palms facing you.

3. Now, jump off the box. Your chin should be above your hands.

4. Start slowly lowering yourself. The lowering phase should take 10 sec. If you can't initially lower yourself for 10 sec. try to make the descent as slow as possible

This is one set. Do three of these 10 sec. negative sets. Rest 90 sec. between each set.

When doing three sets (one rep each) all with 10 sec. on the negative phase becomes easy, add another 4th set AND lower the rest with 15 sec. to 75 sec. between the sets.

When you can do all four sets with this rest and with 10 sec. on the negative phase, drop another 15 sec. from the rest periods.

By the time you get to doing four sets with only 45 sec. rests in between, you should be able to do at least one complete (positive and negative phases) rep all on your own.

Great exercise for your Back and Arms.

Mar 19, 2010
pull ups
by: Anonymous

Trying putting one hand on the bar and with the other grab a rope or towel that is wrapped around the bar and do an offset pullup.

Mar 01, 2010
Pull ups !
by: Coach Mike

Although chin ups (palms facing in) incorporate more of the bicep muscle, they are both very beneficial. They both are compound exercises that work similar muscle groups. My advice would be to do both! Vary the grip and width to increase repetitions and strength. Tips: Do negatives, slowly lower yourself for a 5 count until you have full extension of your arms for increased muscle length. Wear a weighted belt or vest to increase strength. And my favorite, find a wider bar, (wrap a towel around existing bar) or do pull ups from two thick hanging ropes to increase sports specific grip strength, such as wrestling or grappling. Good luck with the boys !

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