Kick a Bad Habit

By Coach Briody

This week's health and fitness tip is to "Kick a bad habit". As we are already a month into the New Year and alot of resolutions have already been forgotten and broken, now is a great time to start thinking about this tip and getting back on track! Tackling just one or two bad habits to start, can have massive positive affects on your health and fitness, not to mention the way you look and feel.

Start by defining your goals and the habits you want to kick. Empower yourself with positive thinking and self-confidence to stick to your plan. If you need to recruit a friend who needs to kick the same habit, do so and be each other's support system. Whatever it takes, make this the year to man up, stop the BS and take charge of your life!

Don't think you have any bad health and fitness habits? I challenge you... Here are a few examples:

  • Sleeping less: Are you depriving your body of necessary sleep?

  • Smoking: = death, enough said.

  • Too much sugar: Simply cutting back from soda to water can make a huge difference to your health.

  • Lack of exercise: Don't underestimate the benefits of fitness.

  • Consumption of processed foods: Become a label reader, if you can't pronounce it or do not know what it is, think twice about putting it in your body.

  • Alcohol: Anything outside of moderation is just a bad habit, end of story. The disease list is long.

  • Binge eating: Avoid overeating and the "see food diet".

  • Skipping your workouts: News flash, tomorrow never comes.

    Stick to these Rules

    •Eating food that nourishes your body…not junk-food programmed to activate the pleasure centers in your brain
    •Being physically active every day…not sitting on your butt watch crap tv shows
    •Spending time with ‘real-world’ friends…not just your Facebook ‘friends’
    •Getting enough sleep to recharge for the next day
    •Drinking more water and less soda
    •Resisting negative peer pressure
    •Developing positive willpower
    •Ignoring what you want…for what you need

    Regardless of how minor or major your bad habit is, make this the year that YOU take control.

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