Increase Your Metabolism!

Why is it important to increase your metabolism? Moreover, how they heck do you do that? I have been extremely successful helping my clients reach their fitness goals simply using proper nutrition and exercise. This is where all the fancy diet product companies begin to hate me. I am going to explain to you how this works and how I have changed the lives of hundreds of clients.

First, why is it important to increase your metabolism? Metabolism is the process by which our bodies combine nutrients with oxygen to produce the energy our body needs in order to maintain normal bodily functions. This energy is measured in calories. Calories are considered fuel to our bodies.

When our main source of energy (glucose) depletes, the process of metabolism turns to fat stores (body fat) for its primary energy source. On the other hand, when our supply of blood sugar is too high, the process of metabolism stores excess "energy" by converting it into body fat causing the weight scale to move in an upward direction. Very simple, right? Ok, without getting too scientific, let's get to the "how" part.

Do you know that 1lb of muscle burns an average of 50 calories a day at rest? "Coach, are you crazy? 50 calories is nothing!" Maybe, but what if you were able to add 10lbs of muscle over the course of time? That's 3500 calories a week! And do you know that 1 pound of fat equals around 3500 calories? Hmmm, now I have you thinking and you probably just reread the last two paragraphs.

The addition of muscle mass on an individual will cause an increase in the number of calories that are utilized at rest. So while one is exerting themselves through a high intensity workout, the hard work will result in an increase in metabolism that continues to burn calories hours after a workout. Not a bad deal!

Keep in mind, age, sex, and lifestyle will play a role in your metabolic rate. Increasing your metabolism may not change what the scale reads, but it will totally change your body composition and the feedback you are getting from your mirror!

Find a good personal trainer who understands this process and they can provide you with a well-rounded exercise program of cardio and strength training coupled with a smart nutrition plan. Or, come see me and together we can change the way you look and feel, while creating a lifestyle that will keep your fitness goals on target!

By Coach Briody

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