IMFL 2010

by Tom
(Long Island, NY)

2010 Ironman Florida swim!

2010 Ironman Florida swim!

Just wrapped up my season and Coach Briody suggested I leave a race report, so here goes:

Capped off the year with IM Florida last week. Was a challenging & long season this year, which included a Long course, grass roots duathlon in New Paltz (AmZof), my first REV3 event (Quassy Half IM), a return to IMLP to better my 2006 debut and my first 5K Swim race, which was a fundraiser for Cancer Research, out East.

All in all, it was a successful season and I'd met all of my target objectives, except that I had to miss the Finger Lakes Tri, as Wonderdog came down with Kennel cough.

Managed to stay healthy & injury free leading up to IMFL, with exception to a short-lived glute strain. Attribute that to smart training & conditioning, healthy eating, strength training and consistently taking my vitamins/supplements. Also - I cut out the beer & other detriments, and cut weight (10 lbs) and body fat (to 8%). Prior to IMFL I'd successfully tapered after some good 20+hr training blocks.

Arrived in Panama City Beach for #4 IMFL to torrential downpours, which then evolved to very cool temperatures. Race morning was 40F, with 72F water temp. Feet went numb on the beach, so getting in the water was very welcome.

Mass swim start was a total slugfest, so all of the Open Water swim training paid off. Cool heads always prevail and the focus should be on consistent spotting and breathing. Out of water Loop 1 - 32 min and finished 1:07 - 14 minutes better than last year.

Transition insane here, as you are herded through baggage and into a cramped room full of semi-dressed chaos, so was a challenge to get through this cluster in 7m. Thankfully, I'd placed a long sleeve Under Armor shirt, gloves and merino wool socks into the bag and off I went -

On the bike....FREEZING!! 20MPH steady winds, so staying in aero was a top priority -for speed and warmth. Sure, I was occasionally overtaken by cheating, shameless, pelotons, but in IM, you can't control that. You can only control what you do and how you react, so let the pinheads go - they're only cheating themselves.

On the bike, I
tried to steadily eat my Cliff Shot bloks (Black Cherry w/Caffeine) but had to force down my drink mix as it was way cold... Steady & consistent on bike and after double flatting @ IMLP, happy I had no issues there - 20+MPH off the bike.

Run start very strong and consistent. Was not hungry, so tried to get some water down..paid the price for that at mile 5, where I bonked pretty badly. Walked a brutal mile, telling myself that this would pass and lo' and behold it DID (after I scarfed down my trustee banana and gu and taking on fluids). Bounced back with no further issues and got my groove back. The crowd, as always on the PCB run course is fantastic, as are the volunteers overall! Can't say how much I love this course and the venue. In between miles 1 & 2 on this 2 loop out and back, there is one house full of women who all come out to support the race, dressed in very skimpy Halloween costumes (cats), replete with whips that they snap to egg on the runners...HILARIOUS!!

My unofficial goal here was to break 11 hrs. I've never done that before. Best going into it was 11:16. Kept doing the math in my head as I headed towards the finish line, which was logistically changed this year, so I had no idea where it was, as I approached. As I made it to the chute, I heard my name announced and an announcement that there were 30s to the 11 hr mark! At that point, I gave it all I had and all-out sprinted to the line for a a little over 4 hr marathon...Missed the 11 hr mark by seconds, but I'm not complaining. Got a PR and ended the season on a positive note.

Last stop for this year is my Turkey Trot next week. For now, I'm prepping for the off-season, planning on doing the things I didn't get a chance to do for some time(Mountain bike, XC skiing). Letting the body heal, but already back in the pool and running with Wonderdog - looking forward to next year and a whole new set of challenges. Now to start that strength training again.

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Nov 17, 2010
by: MB

Great report Tom, congrats, well done!

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