HIT or " High Intensity Training "

High Intensity Training
Is it for you?
High intensity training or "HIT" training can be your answer for the body you`ve always wanted. It has undeniably been an excellent way to get ripped effectively. The nature of any high intensity training requires dedication, precision and preparation as you will find with any workout program. Although it is not rocket science, like a lock it requires just the right combination to get the best out of the training program. When starting high intensity training here are some top tips to remember and always keep in mind to get the most out of it.

Get and stay PSYCHED

High intensity training in its simplest form is not necessarily hard to do, but it requires definite mental stamina and intensity. This is especially true when you get to 7 reps of your 12-15 reps and start to feel muscle failure. You have to be able to push past the pain and bang out that rep - at all cost. To do this you need to prepare by get psyched before you even step into the gym and once your there you have to keep that intensity up to complete your workout. Keeping your goal of having the body you want in your mind will keep your intensity up mentally and help you get past the most challenging spots of the training. If you can get this tip down you`ve already mastered about 50% of the training.

Pay attention to your weight and reps

With any training program after a while your body gets accustomed to the weight and you will need to increase it. This is especially true with high intensity training. Since the training is centered around 12-15 reps, choose weights that are challenging but still doable. Choosing a weight you can only do 2 reps with will not be as challenging as a weight that you can do just about 10 with but then have to push to do the last 5. That is what you want in any high intensity training, challenging but doable. Once, however, you start to do 15 reps like its 8 its time to get higher weights.

Complete reps always

To get the lean mean carved machine you want you have to complete all your reps - this is non-negotiable. Wimps don`t get ripped bodies. Shorting yourself some reps will not only cause you to short your reps again but it will completely defeat the point of what high intensity training is all about. It`s about causing muscle failure. If you start to feel muscle failure early, incorporate a rest-pause set, where you take 5 deep breaths, add weights and then pound out the rest. You should consistently be adding weights to your reps. Once you start feeling muscle failure that is the exact time you should rest and the rack up the weights to complete your reps.

With any type of training program, you have to be prepared all around from having the right attitude and correct nutrition, to even having Jobst for men. So if you are ready, and dedicated to take your training to the next level, give HIT a try. Following these top tips for high intensity training to help you become more effective and get the most out of the training.

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