Athletic Grip Strength 

   Having Athletic Grip Strength is great for many sports from wrestling to tennis. Plus its nice to see that look in someone eye when you shake their hand and they are afraid you may tear their arm off. Here are some tips to building that great grip strength!

1. Do  Heavy Loaded Carries
, "farmers walks"

A great way to increase grip strength is loaded carries. A loaded carry requires that you hold heavy objects securely in your hands or arms while walking. If you belong to a standard gym, all you need is some space and the heaviest pair of dumbbells you can hold in your hands. The next step is simply to walk as far as you can while carrying the weights.

There's nothing wrong with walking quickly, but try to maintain good posture. Use either time or distance to gauge your progress. A good place to start is by carrying dumbbells equal to half of your max Deadlift. If your max Deadlift is 300 pounds, carry two 75-pound dumbbells.

2. Increase the Surface Area

Don't confine yourself to the thickness of a standard Olympic bar. A thicker bar forces your hands to work harder to hold on and increases the challenge to your entire upper body. 

Some high performance gyms have fat bars, but if you belong to a standard gym, chances are you are out of luck. If that's the case, buy a pair of thick grips, such as Fat Gripz—i.e., rubber sleeves that slip over standard barbells or dumbbells.  I often will use a small gym towel and wrap it around the barbell or dumbell handles, this is a great way blast those fore arm.

3. Work with Irregular Objects

Do pull-ups while holding lacrosse balls!  That's right just hook the balls on top of the bar as you squeeze them tightly and pull yourself up.  Other objects such as  atlas stones, battling ropes, truck tires and towing sleds are great tools to blast your grip strength. The irregular shape and form of these objects gives your hands a whole new challenge, requiring a strong grip in a totally different configuration.

 There are many sports where performance can be improved simply by working on hand and forearm strength.  Incorporating these different movements and exercises above twice a week  to your current training program can definitely improve your grip strength.

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