Does Slim Fast Work, an Objective Review

Hey gals only!;-)

This one is aimed at all the ladies out there wondering... does it actually work?
What's the deal?

So let's check it out:

A little peeky peek at the ingredients:

1. The 3rd ingredient is sugar. Oops!...

2. Next in is canola oil. Oh Deary deary...

3. Then down the line there's... some more sugar (maltodextrin)

4. And: Soy protein. Welly, welly, welly.

5. Plus artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Well-itty, well-itty!

How do they say? "You Never get a chance to make a second first impression."

But now the good stuff:

1. Just around 200 calories per shake. Pretty little.

2. High soluble fiber: that's good for weight loss and for health.

3. Slim Fast is supposed to be part of a calorie controlled diet.

So is the stuff effective?

Weeel it can be, in combination with a calorie controlled diet.
The plan is to replace a full meal with a low cal shake which supposedly provides as much satiety (read: feeling of fullness) as the real food, but in the end you ingested fewer calories.

That's fair enough but if you ask me it's not the best solution at all.

So what to do?
Using weight loss shakes and all that is a temporary one at best.
Usually this does not work in the long run, and hat's one reason why there's so many disappointed dieters left with a lager waistline than before.

The magic pill/shake/candy bar that will burn all the fat for you.

This promise sells, for sure.
But long-term weight loss is achieved by completely changing your diet and nutrition around --and your life style-- for good.

How about natural, healthy -and TASTY-foods that licks the problem?
Low cals and very, filling? So you're not even INTERESTED in food anymore?

Yep, that can be done!
You might want to check out my article on that on my blog 8link is below there)

So long story short, in summary, does slim fast work?

Not really.
If it helps you out in the beginning, for example during the munchies... by all means use it, but strive for a balanced, changed-for-the-better nutrition and life style in the long term.

if you need any help on your weight loss journey: check out my blog, your comments and questions are very welcome: As always, I'm here for you!;-)
This is my Blog: href="

Good Luck!

I see you in a bit!;-)


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