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Core training is an essential part of any exercise program. Your core, which is the mid section of your body, abdominals and lower back, is your stability and control section. This is where your power and balance originate from. Core strength is vital to any sport you might participate in and also important from a health stand point. A strong core will support the rest of your body and especially your back. Functional movements in your daily routine, will be much easier if this midsection training is a part of your weekly exercise ritual. It’s far more than just strong abs, but this is the most important place to start. Remember, a strong midsection equals better balance, strength and explosive power.

Add core-training to your workout routine at least twice a week. When performing other exercises such as spinning or weight training, concentrate on engaging your midsection and keeping it stable. An example would be performing standing arm curls while balancing on one leg. This will force you to engage your abs for balance and strength.

Add variety to your core workout and use advanced movements using stability balls and a pullup bars to add strength to your midsection.

Crunches on a stability ball or knee raises while hanging from a pull up bar add variety to the average core workout. "Knees to Elbos" and "Toes to Bar" while hanging from a pull-up bar are great advanced movements. Add a tractor tire and now you are adding a "real" challenge to your midsection!

Visit my Abs exercises page for some great core exercises.

Add variety to your core workout and use advanced movements using stability balls and a pullup bar to add strength to your midsection.

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