Building Muscle

Muscle Building Tips

This weeks fitness tip is about the importance of

building muscle. Increasing muscle strength and size has many advantages especially for a competitive athlete. Muscles protect our skeletal structure and make us faster and stronger.

We start to lose muscle if we are inactive after the age of 25. Physically inactive people lose about [-0.5%] of lean muscle mass every year between age 25 and 60, and a corresponding decline in muscle strength. From age 60 on, the rate of loss doubles, to about 1%. It doubles again at age 70; again at age 80, and then again at age 90.

First lets understand what makes muscles grow. Muscle grow (hypertrophy) occurs when greater demands of intensity are placed on the contracting muscle. Over time the muscle is forced to grow to accommodate the new workload. Ladies, get involved. Getting bulky is very difficult for a women as they do not have the same levels of testosterone as a man, and building muscle mass takes a very specific diet. Building muscle replaces muscle loss and keeps the shape of the muscle looking firm and attractive, not a bulky increase in size.

Focus on the following muscle building fitness tips:

One Commit to lifting weights 3 to 4 times per week. Focus each workout on a different muscle group,at least 2 upper body and 2 lower body workouts per week. Workout with high intensity, obviously in a safe manner to challenge muscle growth.

Two Let your muscles heal with proper rest and nutrition. Incorporate proper stretching before and after each workout. This is a big step that should not be missed in the muscle building process. Stretching helps restore normal length to the muscle tissue you are training.

Three Focus on eating 5-7 well balanced meals high in nutrition. 45% carbs , 35% protein and no more than 20% fats.

Four Do not forget the must important muscle, your heart. On top of strength training maintain a proper cardio routine.

Sample muscle group workout

Day 1: back,core and biceps
Day 2: chest and triceps
Day 3: legs,core and shoulders
Day 4: rest

I like to add an olympic movement with each workout such as cleans, dead lifts, kettle bell snatches etc.

Repeat for 4 weeks and then change the muscle groups and exercises. Incorporate functional training with compound movements such as squats, rows, deadlifts and pull ups.

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For professional guidance in your exercise program, find an ACE-certified Personal Trainer in your area. Before beginning any fitness program, always see a qualified health care provider for advice and to address any questions or concerns. The exercises presented on this website are for suggestion only and should not be substituted for medical diagnosis or treatment. Participate at your own risk and stop if you feel faint or experience shortness of breath

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