by Jessica Clark
(Texas, USA)

If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, you just might find it by taking up swimming. This low-impact exercise has a plethora of benefits. It’s a great workout for people of all ages, it’s easy on the joints, it gives the body a total body workout and it’s a great alternative exercise for people who are injured or who are recovering from an injury. To learn more about the benefits of swimming and water exercise, check out these 20 blog articles.


Swimming or exercising in the water relieves pressure off of your joints, making it a great alternative for people whose bodies can’t handle high-impact exercises. Because it’s so low-impact, it’s a great way for people who are overweight or injured to start or continue to stay active. Read more about swimming as a low-impact exercise option in these five blog entries.

5 Benefits of Swimming (and How to Get Started) Swimming is the one sport that is recommended for people that may suffer from arthritis or for those who have fragile bones.
4 Health Benefits of Swimming If you suffer from joint pain, swimming is the sport for you! It will help strengthen your body without causing further joint damage.
Health Benefits of Swimming The increased resistance you get from training in water will help you build endurance and increase strength and stamina.
Swimming Benefits: 8 Reasons Why the Sport is Good for You Swimming is perfect for those people who are severely overweight because it provides a high calorie burn while being easy on the joints.
Health Benefits of Swimming If you are not used to exercise and are overweight, swimming can be a smart place to start your exercise regimen.

Total Body

As you glide through the water, you are using your arms to pull your body and your legs to propel you through the water. These two actions together make swimming a total body workout that nearly anyone can do. These five blog posts will explain why swimming is
so beneficial.

Swim for an Excellent Workout! Swimming engages all of your muscle groups, allowing you to strengthen your body as you glide through the water.
Health Benefits of Swimming for Diabetics Swimming uses the entire body, which causes you to burn more calories and tones your muscles.
Health Benefits from Swimming for Fitness You’ll get a full body workout and remain injury free by swimming.
Health Benefits of Swimming You can swim every day and use your upper and lower body to tone up your muscles.
Summer Workouts: Starting a Swimming Routine Running or walking through the water can help you increase the intensity of your workout.

Any Age

Swimming is a great workout for people of all ages, and it’s a workout that helps improve your overall health and well-being. Despite being such a low-impact sport, swimming allows both kids and adults alike to get their heart rate up and burn off extra calories. In addition to swimming, water aerobics and water running or walking are great low-impact options for people of all ages. In these five blog articles learn why swimming can be so beneficial at any age.

Eight Benefits of Swimming and Other Water-Based Exercises Whether you are four years old or 80, swimming and water exercises are a great workout option.
Health Benefits of Swimming Kids can improve their muscle strength and coordination by swimming, and the elderly can improve their heart function and overall fitness.
How Swimming Can Improve Your Life—Look Great, Feel Good and Discover the Health Benefits of Swimming Any exercise program can slow the aging process, however, swimming is ideal for the elderly because it’s safe and pain free.
Discover the Health Benefits of Swimming No matter your age, swimming can burn calories and improve your heart while being low-impact on the body.
The Health Benefits of Swimming The exercise you get while swimming doesn’t have an age limit on it, and can actually be more suitable to the elderly than other more strenuous activities.

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