18 Blogs with Team Building Exercises for Kids

by Sonny Giffin

Team building exercises are designed to help bond a group of people together that may not otherwise know much about each other or may not know how to effectively work together. When a group of individuals become a cohesive team they are able to accomplish a lot more than they can as individuals. Team building is often used in corporate America to help companies become more unified, however, these exercises are also an effective tool for teachers and coaches when working with children. Take a look at these 18 blogs to learn how these professionals use team building exercises to help kids succeed.

Back to School

When kids go back to school, they are typically with a new teacher and a new group of students. It can be hard for some kids to make friends, but with the help of various ice breakers and team building exercises, teachers can help the kids get to know each other in a relaxed setting. Find out how teachers use team building activities in the classroom by reading these six blogs.

Easing the Fears and Anxieties Through Team Building Activities During the First Days of School One way to break the ice is to have the kids blow up an eight-foot long bag and count the breaths that it took as a team to inflate it.
Five Team Building Activities for Back-to-School Try these activities to help your students bond with their classmates and lose the shyness that sometimes accompanies the first few weeks of school.
Back-to-School: 3 Question Activities to Connect Students Getting students talking in small groups can help them feel less intimidated during other classroom activities.
Team Building Activities for Kids Several different team building exercises are described in this blog and are divided out by type and age appropriateness.
Start of the Year Team-Building Activities for the Classroom “Hoops” is just one of the exercises described on this blog, and it helps kids work together to achieve a common goal.
Team Building Activities for Kids Pair up the kids and give one a blindfold. The kid without the blindfold has to communicate effectively to get the blindfolded kid to perform a task.

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