Workout better with one small change!

   I recently was crushing a workout, one of the best I had in sometime. After my training, I was trying to figure out what I did differently, what I ate, how I slept etc but everything was the same. Then I realized there was one small difference.  I had left my cell phone in the car!

   Texting between sets, checking emails etc is a break in your concentration and shows your lack of fire. What's more important than YOU for 45 minutes? The cell phone, messages and emials can wait! Don't worry, the world isn't going to end if you train like a ANIMAL undistracted for 45-60 minutes.

   Many claim to have no time to workout and train during the holidays, thats is just an excuse. You can claim greater strength by spending less time checking your phone and being distracted. Let texts wait, and unsubscribe to bullshit emails that just waste your time. Give facebook a rest,  I hate to break it to you but noone cares that you bought a new pair of shoes!!

Make this the year you dial in and focus on yourself with no distractions during your workouts! Think about how much time is wasted trying to stay "connected" to the universe. Connect with your mind and body and focus on that intensity that will deliver the physique and performance you strive for.



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Mike's "Spin your A$$ off class" gives u a 45 minute taste of Kona!! Awesome workout, I got a fantastic ride and left behind lots of calories! T.D. 


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