Using water to manage calorie consumption

Ensure You Are Hydrated Before You Eat.

Are you over eating during meals?

Try employing the pre-meal glass of water rule: Drink a large glass before you eat anything. This helps you stay hydrated but also ensures that you won't mistake thirst for hunger. This will help you decrease additional unneeded calorie consumption.

When attempting to manage your weight focus on burning fat, healthy eating and regular exercise. Dehydration is not "weight lose" and it is not safe.

Remember, hydration is one of the easiest things to do, but its equally as easy to neglect. Stick to water, tea, and diluted fruit juices ( keeping an eye on calories ). As the weather warms up, sweat rates tend to increase to visit my hydration page on guidelines for proper hydration during activities.

Remember to still consume the proper amount of calories each day to fuel your workouts and everyday energy needs.

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