At Home Upper Body Exercises

So you cant make it to the gym? here are a few simple upper body exercises using your own body weight or some simple equipment. Performing regular upper body exercises can increase your strength and the way you look and feel.

Start with a light warm up for a few minutes. This can be walking, jogging in place, jumping jacks or stepping side to side. The goal of the warm up is to get your blood circulating and your body temperature rising in order to prepare for higher intensity exercises.

1. Pushups: try doing these for a 5 count on the way up and a slow 5 count on the way down.

2. Diamond pushups: same as above, but place your hands close together to form a diamond shape touching opposite index fingers and thumbs. This exercise not only works your chest and shoulders but puts more resistance on your triceps.

3. Incline pushup: Put your feet up on a chair, step or couch for added resistance.

4. Chair Dips: Placing your hands behind you on the seat of the chair walk your feet out. Now simply dip yourself towards the floor and press back to the upright position. Continue until MMF.( momentary muscle failure ).

5. Lateral raises: Hold a full water bottle in each hand. (use light dumbells if you have them) laterally raise your arms until you body forms a "T". slowly let your arms down for a 5 count and repeat. Too heavy? Let some water out, too light grab some larger bottles. This exercise will target your shoulders.

With minimal equipment you can take your upper body workout out to another level. No need for an expensive home gym, a set of dunbells, heavy medicine ball, and some resistance bands is all you need to take your home workouts to the "next level".

Contact me and I will send you some free workout ideas and plans using these simple tools. Mike...

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Chest and Back Shoulders and Arm


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