Three Great Work Out Plans to Lose Weight Fast And Sure

Hey there and Howdy Do, my name is Mark and right now I will introduce you folks to 3 work out plans to lose weight ASAP:

These three workouts will get you going today on some serious fat burning and shaping of your body!

It's not uncommon to drop a minimum of 2 pounds + each and every week with these babies...

Following are the workouts, but beware! This is effective stuff, so handle with care!

They are set in order so you should start with #1: beginners, then after a while do #2 -intermediate-before going into #3: advanced.

• The TS Method HIIT+LIIT System

• TS Method Bodyweight-Circuit

• TS Method Weights-Circuit

Let's check out number 1:

The "Temporal Synergy HIIT and LIIT 2/30/30/2-System"

Fat burning workouts are generally best done in the morning, between getting up and the postponed breakfast. Under these conditions the exercises will definitely burn fat instead of carbohydrates.

So try to shoot for mornings where you can.

#1. The TS Method 30/2/2/30-System

1.Warm up well, then do 3-5 30 second intervals: run as fast as possible in 30 seconds. Then rest for 2 minutes and continue for 3-5 sets total. This is the 30/2 portion.

2.After about 5 minutes, start with 3-5 sets of good paced, 2- minute runs, interspersed with just 30 seconds rest. That's the 2/30 part.

And hat's the whole of work out #1, the first of our three work out plans to lose weight snappy!;-).
This is 25 minutes training at the most.

Very short, very effective, and WAY better than cardio!

# 2. TS Method Bodyweight Circuits

All you need here is a bit of floor and yourself, that means this can be done anywhere: at the office, in a hotel, outdoors, your bedroom, anywhere.

We warm up with the very same exercise we're going to use, that means we warm up specifically and learn the circuit at the same time.

Perform just 5 reps at a lower intensity, say 50, 70 and 80% of what you think you can do.
So use 50, 70 and 80% of what would be your max performance.

This is the notation:

A1:Vertical Jumps,25 reps, 0 seconds rest,
A2:Pushups,25 reps, 0 seconds rest,
A3:Bodyweight Squats,25 reps, 0 seconds rest,
A4:Situps,25reps,120 seconds rest.

For a total of 3-5 Sets.

In English:
25 V-Jumps (Jumping as high as you can continuously) followed immediately by 25 Push-Ups. Then 25 squats followed by 25 Sit-Ups. This is one circuit.

The notation explained:

A1: jump as high as possible moving from one jump directly into the next, 25 times in 30 seconds. That's the goal.
0 seconds rest, straight into

A2: the Push-Ups!;-) Do 25 in 30 seconds. Right away into

A3:Bodyweight Squats, again do 25 in 30 seconds.

A4: 25 Sit-Ups in 30 seconds; finished... for the first set!

So this is one Circuit.
Rest 2 minutes rest before starting with the next one!

Do this for 3 to 5 sets.

#3: TS Method Weight Circuits

Whole Body Workout, frequency two-three times a week.

A1:Leg Press, 3-5x25reps, 0s.

A2:Lat Machine Pulldowns, 3-5x25reps, 0s.

A3:45° Back-Extensions, 3-5x25reps, 0s.

A4: Bench-Press, 3-5x25reps, 120s.

We warm-up with 10 reps of each exercise with a light weight. Something like half the working-weight in the Leg Press for 10, then on all other exercises: Lat-Pulldowns, 45° Back-Extensions and the Bench Press.

We do this for 3 rounds. Then rest a minute before getting started:

A1: 25 reps on the Leg Press, then right into A2: Lat-Pulldowns, no rest, straight into A3: Back-Extensions, followed immediately by A4: Bench Presses.

Now take two minutes rest, but not any longer! (very important) before continuing up to 3,4 or even 5 sets.

You can begin with 3 sets and increase them by 1 set each workout up to 5 sets. That's plenty!;-)

The frequency is twice, max 3 times a week.
You can just do Mondays and Fridays, or Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 workouts per week.

That's it!

OK, this is advanced stuff, three super effective work out plans to lose weight instantly, build a ripped six pack, shape that sexy body and make a Hollywood physique beach body yours asap!;-)

Hope you have a great one!;-)

I see you in a bit!


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