Summer Running

Once the sun comes out and the weather warms, summer running once again becomes a very popular part of peoples exercise program. Athletes use running to maintain solid fitness, manage weight and improve cardiovascular endurance. Here are some quick tips to get the most from your run.

  • Always stay on top of your hydration. I was recently asked what I do for hydration on long runs in the heat. Alot of people wear fuel belts and carry their water or sports drink with them. Personally I am a "stasher". I typically stash, or hide hydration along my intended route before hand.

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Wicking material will keep you comfortable. Also wear light colors that will reflect the suns rays.

  • Protect your skin. Use a high SPF sunscreeen and lip balm to protect your skin. UV sunglasses and a hat will protect and shade your face. And apply Body Glide to body parts that may chafe on long runs to stay comfortable.

  • Stay alert. Often the suns glare may make you invisible to a driver. Wear reflective clothing at night. NO texting ! Save this time just to focus on your training. You can respond to all messages when your done. If possible run with a friend, especially at night for safety.

  • Summer = Bugs. A quick spray of bug reppellant can go a long way on a summer evening as the mosquitos see you as a moving dinner.

  • Don't overdue it. Respect the summers heat. Try to run in the early mornings or evenings when it may be a touch cooler.

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