Sore Muscles

Sore Muscles after Weight Training?

Soreness is a defense mechanism for your body and is comparable to swelling. If you're experiencing soreness from a tough workout, gently work that muscle group. For example, if your legs are sore, try taking a walk or a light jog. Doing this will help to reduce soreness by increasing the blood flow to the muscles, and will increase your core body temperature. If your muscles ache immediately after you've exercised, try icing whatever muscle it is that you worked. You may also want to try a cool shower. If you are experiencing pain the day after your workout, try taking a warm shower and doing some gentle stretches. After you've warmed your muscles, then you can apply ice.

Preventing soreness:

Warm up! Elevate your heart rate and get blood flowing to the muscles that will be worked. Then slowly stretch these muscles to full range of motion. When starting your work out warm up with a very light set to get your body ready for the heavy stuff. No need to jump right in to show off in front of the captain of the cheer-leading team how strong you are. Be smart, be prepared, warm up properly. These simply steps can prevent sore muscles, and more importantly, muscle strains that take longer to heal, and can hold up your training.

Dealing with soreness:

Try the methods listed above, but if that fails once in awhile a good sports massage by someone certified may be the answer. Not only will it help release lactic acid from the muscles but you may find it very relaxing. Other forms such as ART or Active Release Therapy, can also be very effective. I used ART for shin splints before a big race, and yes I was extremely skeptical, but I could not believe the relief it gave me.

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