Smart Eating tips

1. Pre party eating. Smart eating begins with a plan. Fill up on healthy nutrition before attending your game tailgate or party. This will satisfy your hunger and make you less likely to fill up on greasy fried foods.

2. Try to avoid late night snacks and eating. If you need to eat late, be sure it includes healthy foods. Late night carbs will be converted and stored as fat. Eat your large meal of the day mid to late afternoon. Refer to the food pyramid on the Nutrition Page for guidelines on Smart Eating

3. Consume your daily requirements of fruits in the morning to give you a natural boost of energy and boost your metabolism. High sugary fruits at night will keep you awake.

4. Do not over eat!. Some restaurants serve portions large enough for a whole family. Eat until you are content, there is no prize for finishing he entire meal in one sitting.

5. Stay Hydrated. A large glass of water before a meal can curb your appetite.

6. Consume a colorful diet. Be aware of what you are eating and be sure to consume your daily requirements of nutrients from healthy food sources such as fruits and vegetables.

7. Have a nutritious pre-workout meal, and follow hard workouts with a post workout recovery drink or meal high in protein to help repair damaged muscle. For about an hour after your workout, there's a window of opportunity when your muscles are literally starving for nutrients. The meal you eat at this time is the most important for building muscle and replenishing energy sources. Your muscles need protein for repair and growth, and your body needs some carbs to replenish its glycogen stores.

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