Shake Things Up with XC Skiing

by Tom
(Long Island, NY)

XC Skiing @ Caumsett Park

XC Skiing @ Caumsett Park

Winter and the Off Season should be a great time to try things that you don't get to do once the off season hits, and once winter's over, mind you.

One great thing to get you outdoors in winder, is Cross Country skiing. Great opportunity to try something new, or if you have already done this, to improve upon your form. You can either rent or buy the skis and bindings, new or used, and you can get a good set of shoes/boots at a local store or online.

You can try classic or skate but if you are going to use them locally here at Long Island parks, you might want to start with Classic's. Great places to try this here on Long Island- many parks, such as the Muttontown preserve, Caumsett, Bethpage, and you can also try out golf courses, as well. I hit the trails at Caumsett yesterday - all you need is an Empire passport, and follow the tracks other have made.

If you wear an HRM - you will see your HR soar at the hills and on the flats, you can work on your form. It is a full body workout, no doubt and you will feel it in your core, and your shoulders.

For better technique and form, you can try the web out to see details and instructional videos. Remember to warm up first and also to drink. Even though it's cold, you are losing plenty of liquids. Also, dress in layers and avoid any cotton! Have fun and be safe!

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