"See Food Diet"

It is a diet we all seem to be on, the "see food diet". When I come home from work it seems that whatever food is within arms reach in the kitchen is in danger of my ravenous assault. Advertiser pray on this instinct with commercials and massive billboards to entice our cravings. Making fast food readily available makes it easy to get off track with our nutrition and dietary needs. Unfortunately regardless of the food, when we see it we often eat it. If you work in an environment where free snack foods and high fructose drinks are readily available, you are at risk. This can be disastrous for young children who eat "just because its there".

Here are some tips to avoid this bad eating habit.

"To go bag first"! Sounds crazy but restaurants serve portions fit for a king. When you get you meal ask for half to be saved to go. When your meal comes back you will avoid overeating and be able to enjoy the rest at another sitting. Typically if we are served more than we need we eat it.

Smaller plates at Home This will help you satisfy your appetite instead of the need to clean your plate.

Keep healthy snacks visible Replace that bowl of candy with some fresh cut up veggies. Get rid of those processed cookies and snacks and put out a bowl of assorted fruit.

Travel with Healthy food Options Light snacks readily available will keep you driving past the fast food drive thru when hunger strikes. Keep nutritious health bars handy. ( read labels not all are what they claim to be). A few almonds are a great way to satisfy short term hunger.

Out of site Out of Mind Clean out your cabinets of those processed, greasy and high fats snacks. We can't eat the bad stuff if it is not hiding in our kitchen waiting to be discovered.

How about this grasshopper, just say "NO". Yea guess what you can step up once in awhile and take responsibility for what you are consuming. So learn to resist the temptation to eat junk.

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