Pull-ups !

Since elementary school we have been plagued by the age old exercise called, pull-ups. A benchmark of the Presidents physical fitness test, this exercise has been around since we where kids in gym class, and one most of us rather not perform. Repeatedly lifting yourself vertically while hanging can be quite a challenge for some, but happens to be one of the most beneficial exercises for your body. Building back, shoulder and arm strength can have great long term benefits and help avoid injuries down the road. Most Gyms have Assisted Chin Up machines making it easy for everyone to gradually build back strength. Strengthening the muscles of your back can protect your spine and give you better posture.

Used as a conditioning and strength exercise for many sports, this compound exercise also uses the muscles of your arms and shoulders as well as your hands. Building vice grip hand strength is important in many sports from Lacrosse and Hockey to Wrestling.

Many variations of this exercise can be used to increase this kind of strength as in the video below. By simply changing your grip you can add increased intensity and difficulty to this exercise.

So whether you are training for a specific sport, or simply trying to maintain a lifestyle of overall fitness, include chin-ups in your weekly routine for a well rounded workout. Mastering bodywweight exercises is a must before going after some serious iron!

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