Posturing: Don't be a Slouch

by Tom
(Long Island, NY)

A few years ago, I thought my body was throwing in the towel with respect to my passion for Triathlon and Multisport. I had neck pain, lower back pain, and chronic hip flexor problems.

After trying out some A.R.T (that'll be a subject for later on, no worries) to address my immediate issues, I started to pursue a more structured approach for core strength training. Part of this was consciously focusing on my posture.

Too often, I found that as I spent 6 hours in the saddle on a long ride, I was hunched over. Off the bike, I found it nearly impossible to run, and challenging to straighten up and find my form; very disconcerting for a runner, no doubt.

Soon I was learning to keep my back more straight as I biked, which helped me power my miles with my glutes, rather than my quads. I was also focusing on straight posture (shoulders high, back curved in) at work, while driving, etc.

Of course, I was also working on my core strength, which also helped me build and strengthen all of my muscles that support my structure. Became part of my daily routine. Eventually my pain subsided and disappeared and I was recovering quicker off the bike. I also found that my posture helped me to run better and more efficient.

Not sure if everyone would have a similar experience such as mine, but it greatly enhanced my well being and I credit this with helping to extend my active participation in Multisport.

Straighten up and train smart!!

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Feb 11, 2010
Try yoga
by: Rebecca

I stumbled upon this site and I am happy to see readers addressing some very important issues. Lack of core strength has always been a direct influence on poor posture. May I suggest adding yoga to your training. I am confident it will increase you core strength and add to a more athletic lifestyle, not to mention make you feel great... great site, no egos here, its bookmarked !

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