Top 10 reasons to use a Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach

Did you know that some of the best personal trainers actually have "personal trainers". In the world of fitness there are many claims of being the best. That is up to you, the client to decide, not the trainer to tell you. I like to focus on the "Three E's", Efficiency, Effectiveness and Engagement. This is where a good Coach comes in.

Why use a PT ?

1. Motivation: Find a knowledgeable certified instructor who is eager with plenty of energy to motivate you. Word of mouth may be your best place to start. Be prepared, a good coach will not waste your time, and will feel like a good old fashioned ass kicking!

2. Individual Program: Having someone put together a program specific to your needs and goals will get you the results you desire faster.

3. Efficiency: in today's busy world making efficient use of your time should be a top priority.

4. Improve Technical skills: Certain athletes require sport specific training to compete at a higher level.

5. Learn how to do it alone. I am a big believer of teaching my clients how to train on their own. My goal is to create a lifestyle change, to teach and to educate.

6. Workout safely: Proper technique can increase results but more importantly reduce the chance of injury.

7. Workout at home: Although an escape to the gym has its mental positives sometimes time constraints will not allow it. A good trainer can go over a proper home workout using little or no equipment.

8. Weight Management: A trainer will keep your work intensity safely high enough to help you lose weight and manage your weight goals.

9. Constant Diversity: My clients never have an idea of what their session is going to entail. All they know is that I will push them to a level that they would not challenge themselves alone.

10. Fun! A good PT has the knowledge to communicate and find out what you enjoy and what you don't in an effort to get the most out of each session. Find a trainer who is knows how to smile and is actually enjoying the session and your progress!

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