Ideal Body Weight

A healthy lifestyle is crucial in an effort to obtain and maintain your ideal body weight. According to research, the number of Americans who are overweight continues to rise at a staggering rate.

My clients often ask me what their weight should be. Use the charts below as a "guideline" only. Certain sports specific athletes will vary outside of these ranges due to above average muscle mass.

Be sure to attain this goal by proper body composition. It is important to stay hydrated and not use dehydration as a weight loss method. Lets leave that to the wrestlers and boxers.

Visit my Hydration Page for important tips and recommendations regarding proper hydration.

Start your Weight Management regimen with Healthy Eating along with nutritional data such as caloric intake, daily values, and type of fat that should be avoided. Consult with your Doctor or certified Dietitian for you specific needs.

Start simple exercise like running for fifteen minutes a day and gradually increase over time as you feel comfortable and as your body gets used to doing it.

One should always be mentally & physically fit. Over weight can lead to high blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes etc. We should therefore maintain an ideal weight, according to the our body structure.

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