No Excuse Home Exercises

"I cant get to the Gym" is not longer an option. This simple guide of home exercises, with little or no equipment, can keep you on track when time is tight or you simply cannot leave the house. Whether you want flatter Abs, firmer Legs, leaner Upper body or stay on track with Aerobic exercise. All you need is some motivation and dedication to make some time for YOU on a regular basis.

Remember to consult with your Physician before beginning any exercise program.

Think " FITT "

When doing home exercises, be consistent using, the right Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type of exercise to reach your goals.

Moderate and vigorous physical activity:

Frequency: 5+ days/week for moderate activity, 3-4 days/week for vigorous activity

Intensity: Moderate activity that is somewhat hard and elevates the heart rate above resting levels. Vigorous activity that is hard and elevates the heart rate above that for moderate levels, but you should not be breathless. An example of moderate physical activity is brisk walking; an example of vigorous physical activity is running.

Time: Moderate - At least 30 minutes each session (you can break this into three 10-minute or two 15-minute sessions); Vigorous - 20-30 minutes per session. Begin each session with a warm-up and finish with a cool-down.

Type: Activities that use large muscle groups (that is, arms, legs) such as walking, cycling, running, stair climbing, circuit training or swimming.

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Firm legs
Upper Body

You do not need an expensive home gym to get a quality home workout. Below are some examples of simple home exercise equipment that can really take your home workout to the "Next Level".

* Dumbells
* Medicine Balls
* Stability Balls
* Bosu Ball
* Resistance Bands
* Kettlebells

Still want to make your training more intense?
Try "Tabata Training"

In the mid 90’s Dr Tabata of Japan researched into his own type of training. Very simply 4 minutes of 20 seconds training ten seconds not training for 8 repetitions to make it four minutes. It is intended to be a gut- busting 4 minute workout. It can be done with running to press-ups to squatting. In all cases be prepared to get a sweat on!

I would advise tabata training at the end of the session to get a maximum calorific burn. A lot of people do a regular workout for 40 minutes and then do a tabata regime. The hardest I have done yet is pull-ups (closely followed by burpees after a particularly gruesome session.)

Tabata training improves both aerobic and anaerobic systems effectively. If you are looking to change up things and see results this is a clear cut way of doing so.

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