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As a personal trainer, when it comes to a home gym, I get asked all of the time about what is the best equipment or fitness machine people should buy. Fitness companies are always coming out with the latest machines and "must have" exercise equipment you "need" to buy in order to maintain optimal fitness. Quite often, they turn into a very expensive place to hang your dry cleaning on.

Once you have dedicated a safe area in your home to be used for exercise, then you can figure out what will work best for you.

First some facts:

  • YOU are the most important piece of equipment you need to start with. The amount of highly effective body weight exercises you can do are countless. Maintenance is simple, care for your body with a proper diet and nutrition, and keep your mind well fed with positive thinking and motivation.

  • Have you noticed the major advances in the dumbbell since the 1950's? Zero! Dumbbells have been around for decades, and the added resistance, when used properly, can offer you a great workout.

  • How about the way science and technology have changed the kettlebell? Zero! The kettlebell has not changed since the 1700's and is an extremely effective piece of gym equipment. Do you see where we are going here? So far, we have spent only about $100

  • Add some resistance bands, medicine balls, a pull-up bar, sand-bags, TRX straps, and stability balls and you have a home exercise area that rivals some top fitness centers.

    Start off building your gym slowly and resist the temptation to buy equipment that makes your trainig area "look cool". Be sure to add a lot of variety to your workouts to keep them fun and your muscles challenged. Remember, YOU are the single most important machine in your workouts!

    What is your must have, favorite piece of home workout equipment?

    Do you have a great home exercise or useful piece of home workout equipment?

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    My favorite home equipment is the Elliptical!

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