Holiday Survival Guide

This holiday survival guide is part 2 to last weeks tip on holiday eating. As New Years approaches here are some guidelines to focus on to keep your fitness and diet on track.

  • Don't skip meals! This can lead to overeating at holiday parties which can sabotage weight loss goals. Shoot for 3 to 4 balanced meals with one or two small snacks per day. Holding back on meals so you can overindulge at a party is a bad plan. Arriving hungry to an event where you have no idea what is being served puts you at a nutrition and calorie disadvantage.

  • Don't drink your calories. Instead of sodas and other sweetened beverages, try sticking mostly with water and other zero calorie drinks during the holiday season.

  • Keep alcohol in check. Too much alcohol can pack on the pounds. Plus, drinking may increase appetite, causing you to overeat. At holiday parties, substituting alcohol with seltzer water and a splash of 100% fruit juice can serve as a healthful alternative and save you from consuming those extra calories.

  • Introduce youself to the scale. I am not a big fan of living by the scale but this time of year is the exception. Weigh yourself weekly. Weighing yourself is one of the best ways to stay on track and monitor your weight status before your weight spirals out of control. Many people gain weight during the holidays, so weighing yourself weekly is especially helpful during this treat-tempting time of the year.

  • Don't skip the exercise! Continuing your workouts is a holiday survival must. Every time you move your body, you'll burn some calories, and keep your weight in check! Whether you walk, bike, or swim, find activities you can do every day during the holiday season regardless of busy time restaints! Remember, when starting an exercise program, start slow and build gradually, and check with your health care provider should you have medical concerns prior to increasing physical activity. If have already been exercising try something new and continue to challenge yourself. This is not the time of the year for excuses or so-called "maintenance" workouts. Hit the gym and your workouts with a purpose!

    Happy Holidays!, Coach Briody,
    certified personal trainer in Locust Valley.

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