Holiday Eating Tips And Survival guide!

This time of the year holiday eating seems to help us pack on a few extra pounds. But you can prevent mindless holiday eating (including overindulging and making unhealthy selections) by knowing beforehand what temptations you’re going to be faced with and making a conscious decision to eat healthier. Lets save those extra calories for "Old Saint Nick." Here are a few tips to keep your weight and training on track.

  • Number one!. Don,t skip your workouts. Staying on top of your exercise program is key to burning those extra calories! Add variety to your workouts to keep your body guessing.
    It's comes down to simple math, are you burning more calories than you are consuming?

  • Don't show up to a holiday party hungry! Have a healthy meal or snack before your arrive. This tip alone can save you hundreds of calories keeping you from "grazing at the buffet table".

  • Drink plenty of water. You may shy away from the alcohol, but chatting away while drinking 10 glasses of soda is not supporting all those workouts and trips to the gym this week. Be mindful of what and how much you are drinking.

  • Catch up with friends and colleagues near the veggies not near the chips and cheese sticks. We tend to eat what we see so put yourself in a position that doesn't warrant an extra 5 miles on the treadmill the next day to offset those calories.

  • Focus on your friends and family not just the food. OK, I'm guilty as hell, but good conversation has less calories than that dessert buffet. When you walk into your company’s, or family's holiday party, don’t hone in on the snack table. While the hors d’oeuvres table might be crowded with treats and people, focus on socializing with friends and family instead of on the food.

  • Bring a healthy snack when your out holiday shopping. This might have been my inspiration for this page. Last night I had an encounter with 2 slices of pizza with an ice cream chaser. Neither of them stood a chance and I had to spend a bit more time at the gym today. A protein bar in my pocket may have spared them.

    Happy Holidays!, Coach Briody

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