Here's How To Lose Fat Quickly in 10 Simple Steps

How To Lose Fat Quickly

Here with a short check list for you on how to lose fat quickly.

Because there definitely is a right way and a wrong way to go about this, and the wrong way will bring on painfully slow results only, if any.

This is a major reason for failed weight loss attempts.
But I got you covered!;-)

Just use any or all of these tips any time and quick weight loss will result.

1. Organic Coffee and Green Tea
A big energy kick for training, appetite suppressing and healthy to boot!
Phyto nutrients/anti oxidants.
So these beverages help by energizing, cutting appetite and improving your health... not too shabby, really really good!;-)

2. Fat Burning Supplements:
Turmeric/Curcumin is your best friend: about 3x 5-10 gram daily are recommended.
This is one healthy and a powerful fat burning agent!

3. No more Calories 4 hours before bed.
This will increase the fat burning hormonal response. You don't need nor want any calories at night!

4. Delay your breakfast by 3 hours.
Same for the hormonal response, and both the 4 hours in the evening and the 3 in the morning together will increase the over-night fast to nearly twice the time!
That's JUST what you want!;-)

5. Try some Interval Training:
My HITT+LIIT-System: 30
seconds on, 2 minutes off, repeat. Extremely effective! This will also help to increase the fat burning hormonal response and shape you up real nice!;-)

6. Eat cruciferous vegetables regularly
These are the healthiest foods on earth, AND assist directly in the weight loss process.

7. Add high fiber foods into your diet, like beans and lentils
They'll help keep you full and bind harmful, fattening substances in your body. Net result: improved weight loss!

8. Add extra fiber to your foods. For example a mixed fiber supplement, or Psyllium husk, or Spelt Bran are all good. They do the same thing as the beans and crucifers, only you get even more of the same. Just make sure to increase water intake with the upped fiber intake.

9. Try a low carbohydrate diet short term for really fast weight loss results. All you have during this period are smart fats and protein. Not recommendable for to long, but 2-4 weeks is alright.

10. DO short term fasting. This is actually really healthy, plain good for you and not dangerous at all. Plus it will obviously light speed your fat burning efforts.

So there you go: this is How to Lose Fat Quickly, check it out and see for yourself!

I see you in a bit!;-)

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