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  Why do I need Gym Consulting?  Hopefully you don't. But are you 100 percent certain that you are maximizing you fitness facilities full potential?  Do you wonder what you are missing? Do you question the commitment of your staff? And most importantly are you delivering the best product and monetizing your business to its fullest potential? Sometimes listening to someone critique your business in a professional manner is like a bolt of lighting that can reprogram how you attack the way you deliver your fitness services!

  If you have never asked yourself these questions and your business is growing, congrats as I know the hard work and passion that goes into such an accomplishment.  But if you have some concerns or want to grow your business please reach out to me. As a former gym owner I have seen it all, made mistakes and learned what makes a great gym great and why clients at these types of gyms continue to be loyal.

   First, my first gym was not a take over, it was  built form the ground up. An old beauty salon and law firm combined to create my first space. My partners and I did all of the construction, equipment ordering, marketing set up etc. We made mistakes but also some huge discoveries and how to grow a fitness business that, yes you can be financially independent with.

 What the hell is a Gym Consultation and what will I pay for this service? Simply put I will show you your businesses weaknesses, where it can be improved how to monetize what you already have, help you train staff, give you fresh program ideas, and help you analyze your current demographics. 

  Do you know what the problem is with most small gyms and why they fail? The first answer is the have an identity problem. They don't know what they are, and neither to their clients. I will help you hone in on that, and offer potential solutions. They second big one is they give clients what they want not what they need. If you just read that again, good, because I want you to really think about that concept. People, your potential clients,  spend money everyday on things they "need", not necessarily on things they "want". You need to get a leak fixed, you need to repair your car, you need to go to the dentist. If your classes do not represent  a "need" then I can help you polish this up. 

"OK Coach I'm intrigued but what will this cost me?" Well that will depend on location and how involved you want me to be. But a 10 minute phone call is free as long as you mention my name and be kind enough to post or tweet a "thank you". 

 There are two reasons business owners do not think bigger, because they think they can't do it, or because  someone told them they can't do it! 

Best of luck  with your business and please email me and we will set up a time to talk!

Coach Briody

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"A man on a mission to change the way people attack their fitness goals"

" Mike has changed the way our entire family views health and fitness. He is hands on and leads by example " 

"By far the best fitness instructor/motivator I have ever worked with. His class is meticulously planned, extremely fast-paced and very thorough" Juli

Mike's "Spin your A$$ off class" gives u a 45 minute taste of Kona!! Awesome workout, I got a fantastic ride and left behind lots of calories! T.D. 


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