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These are intense workouts with focus on cardio and toning, using kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbells and various body weight exercises.  

Are your ready for "SPIN 60" ? 

"A true taste of Kona!!!  Awesome workout...great music...i got a fantastic ride and left behind lots of calories!" -ED

Indoor Cycling : Covert offers "Spin 60". With 30 bikes, this training represents real road riding conditions, staying true to the cycling and triathlon experience. All instructors are serious about Cycling. We use the latest technology in spin and sound equipment and even have computers on select bikes so you can personally track your performance.

"SPIN 60", is NOT a 60 minute Spin class!!!  This ride is tailored toward the avid cyclist and athlete really looking to take it to the next level. this class is designed to continually increase cardio and muscular endurance and is suitable for anyone who is looking to change the way they look and feel. How is this possible?  The class program and design is based on RPE, or "Rate of Perceived Exertion".  And its Scaling effect allows you to constantly increase physical output. This allows you to burn calories days after you leave the class as your body changes and repairs,  toning and building tight lean muscle to accomodate the new work load you have challenged it with. This is not a fad,  this is sports science and it works.   

  Tired of no results, then I will see you at Covert Fitness!   One on one personal training also available, contact Coach Briody for more info. Results that you will see and feel ! 

Also private "lock the door" training sessions, bootcamps and spin classes available for just your team, bridal party, or group. Contact me for special rates and packages!


TCoach Briody is also the owner and founder of "Ride n' Ripped"  30 minute Spin and 30 minute intense upper body training!!   Use contact form below for more info and rates!

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"A man on a mission to change the way people attack their fitness goals"

" Mike has changed the way our entire family views health and fitness. He is hands on and leads by example " 

"By far the best fitness instructor/motivator I have ever worked with. His class is meticulously planned, extremely fast-paced and very thorough" Juli

Mike's "Spin your A$$ off class" gives u a 45 minute taste of Kona!! Awesome workout, I got a fantastic ride and left behind lots of calories! T.D.