Fitness and Traveling

Whether you are on vacation or a business trip, fitness and traveling can coexist with proper planning. For those of you who have a job where traveling is often involved, do not let that be the reason why you do not exercise. When planning a vacation or trip, be sure to remember your exercise and fitness needs.

When making reservations, inquire if the hotel at which you are staying has a fitness facility. Some hotels even offer discounts, or free access to local gyms and spas.

When all else fails, take it upon yourself to get in your workout.

  • Be sure to bring proper workout apparel. (sneakers, etc)
  • Check with the concierge for running routes or hiking trails. These guys love making you happy, it's their job!
  • Burpees! Also know as the "prison workout". The excuses stop right here. Add them to a Tabata Training routine, and you just got yourself a killer workout!
  • Go for a swim - Most hotels have pools. Take advantage of early morning or late night swims when the pool is not crowded. ** Do not swim in unfamiliar beaches without a lifeguard present **

  • Pack resistance bands in your travel bag. These bands take up very little space and can offer you a great workout. Most bands come with simple exercise booklets and charts to make it easy to get a workout in right in the privacy of your own hotel room. To purchase your own resistance bands visit my fitness store.
  • Before you leave on your trip, write down a fitness routine that you can do in your room or outside. Simple home exercise like pushups, lunges, squats, planks, crunches, etc. can keep your on fitness on track. For many other body weight exercises CLICK HERE.
  • Use what you have. I don't recommend swimming laps in the bathtub or pullups from the shower curtain rod, but chair dips or deep pushups between phone books while your feet are on the bed are good options. Are you on a high floor? Skip the elevator, a few flights of stair repeats should get the heart pumping!
  • Take the stairs and carry you own bags! Excuses not to exercise are just well planned lies, so get your sh*t together and get it done.

    Oh and, have a nice trip!

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