First tournament for your youth wrestler

by Coach Briody

Falcon Wrestling

Tournament Day By Coach Briody

Its that time of the year again. And the Dads have been calling me dying to get their young son on the mat for the first time. We look forward to working with them, but lets recap what to expect at these youth tournaments.

After dozens of hard practices, tournament day has arrived. What’s next? What should parents and wrestlers expect? First and foremost this is youth wrestling, and although extremely competitive in nature, it should be fun. The coaching staff at LV all agree that our first two priorities are first, safety, and secondly, to make sure the day is a positive experience for the kids. We lose a countless number of good athletes that could have been great wrestlers because it simply was not fun for them.

What’s next? The coaches will make sure that all wrestlers are matched up as close as possible with weight, age and skill level. Making weight is not an issue, as the local tournaments use a “Madison weight” system… which groups the kids within 5-7 lbs, regardless of weight.

What to expect? Organized chaos in its finest form. But the kids will be prepared and the coaches will be mat side to assist. No wrestler will wrestle a match without a coach present. Always remember that a first year wrestler who steps out onto that mat by himself in front of hundreds of people is a winner
regardless of the outcome…

Tournament Day

1. Arrive on time: Tournaments typically start on time and you risk being scratched if you are late.

2. Nutrition: Tournament day can be a long day and nutrition can play a key role in the success of your child’s day. We recommend snacking light the entire day. Sports drinks and a variety of foods high in carbohydrates that are easily digested are recommended. The key here is to not get hungry and never feel full as one ever knows exactly what time your child will be wrestling. The most important thing is not to try anything new on tournament day when it comes to food. Eat and drink what you already know works for you.

3. Parents: You will see other parents “screaming their heads off” during their child’s match. We must ignore them. This behavior is inappropriate at any age level and is a waste of time as the child can probably not hear them. Of course, a few words of encouragement are fine.

4. After The Match: Sometimes, parents will make a loud “roar” when their child wins. We must ignore them as well. This is not appropriate at a children’s competition. Instead, we will clap for both participants for doing their best. Win or lose, encouragement is the key.

Please comment and forward this on.. Good luck to all the coaches and wrestlers this year!

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Dec 03, 2010
by: Dale

I copied and printed this for my teams parents, thanks Mike!

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