Finding Exercise Time

I hear it all the time, "I just have no time for exercise". Finding exercise time is not that difficult once you are committed to a lifestyle of fitness. Don't let the social and school events sidetrack your fitness goals. Here some sure fire ways to be sure to fit exercise into your busy life:

1. Become an "early bird" Make mornings work for you. Get up half an hour earlier than the rest of your family for workout time that won't be interrupted. When I trained for Ironman, this untapped early morning time slot become key to getting in the proper training.

2. Family time = exercise time. Looking for ways to spend more time with the kids and get some exercise, too? Look into physical activity, such as hikes through local parks and 5K events. Find something everyone, will enjoy not just you!

3. Save commute time. Instead of heading home during rush-hour traffic, tote your exercise clothes and equipment to work and walk, run or bike near your office after working hours. By the time you've finished your workout, the traffic jams will be gone. Some companies offer gym discounts to employees and encourage working out during the workday. It promotes a healthier more focused employee. Most gyms will offer a free trial membership or fitness class such as bootcamp or Spinning.

4. Eliminate TV time. Tape your favorite shows to watch on the weekend and use the time to exercise. Or workout while watching your favorite shows.

5. Think frequency, not duration. It's easy to convince yourself to skip workouts when you dread a long time commitment. Instead of scheduling three 1 hour exercise sessions each week, aim to complete five 20-minute sessions of physical activity instead. HIT short duration exercising if very popular and extremely effective. Not convinced try a kettlebell workout.

6. Write it down. Guess what if its not your "to do" list for the day, it probably wont get done.

Remember there are many benefits of sticking with a regular exercise program. Don't let a busy schedule get in the way of your overall health. Finding exercise time is easy if you make it a priority!

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