The Art of Falling

 "An Amazing Fitness Lesson"

This past Friday my son and I got out in the golf course for 18 holes of head to head competition! We got paired up with a senior couple, late 80's. The golf was a bit slow but we enjoyed their company and just relaxed with the pace of play. After all a day on the course with my son is something I really enjoy,  so no need to rush anyway.

"The Art of Falling"

 Then on the 8 hole the 87 year old gentleman we were playing with fell on the side of the T-Box and rolled down the hill a bit. The wife seemed unconcerned as my son and I rushed to his aid. With a huge smile he said thank you men so much but I fall all the time and have learned to do it correctly. As we offered assistance to help him up he said he needs to do it, and thats what keeps him healthy. He crawled about 3 feet to a post and got himself up to his feet like an olympic athletic grinning from ear to ear! We brushed him off and he thanked us for being so attentive. 

 I hear stories all the time about Seniors falling and breaking something, and the atrophy that can set in after a long recovery can be very debilitating.  I have experienced this first hand in others, including my own father in law. 

 As trainers we think about functional movements, strength and mobility, but sometimes we forget how important this can really be as we train those entering later stages of life or those who are simply just not fit. What we do and how we do it can prepare people to truly live very active healthy lives in their later years. 

 So thank you to the very distinguished Gentleman from Sea Cliff for reminding me of why I enjoy training people of all levels and why it is so important. By the way he hits the ball straight as an arrow every time!!

Coach Briody

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