Eat More Than Before And Burn Fat With Food

Nope, not a gimmick!
Burn Fat With Food?

Follow me ...

Why are folks overweight? Simple: they eat too much, and the wrong foods.

The results? Obesity, ill health, a short life.

The solution? Simply eat less, and the right foods.

So how about .. eating MORE?

Also simple: just eat less ... calories, and have foods with a higher volume . More food, with fewer calories overall.

I call these foods „Fillers", because they stuff you up like nobodiy's business.


To begin with eat as much as before or more, but only lower calorie-cost foods. You get the satiety, and yet fewer calories.

Following are some of the best Fillers:

Whole Coconuts
Kidney Beans

2.The Right Foods

Just avoid all sugars and all starches, enjoy high fiber foods, some protein and smart fats.

It's important to know that the food in the grocery store -AND the health food store--is not the ticket. Best to make your own, at least for now.

Here's one recipe from the TS-Cook Book, part of my Fat Burning System: the Temporal Synergy Method:

Super-Filler Flap Jacks
(you'll still be full the next day!)
• 4 organic, Free Range Eggs
• 250 gram Organic, Whole Grain Barley Flakes
• 50 gram Spelt Bran
• 5 gram Psyllium Husk Powder
• 5 gram Cinnamon
• 50 gram Dark Raisins
• 2.5 gram Salt
• 1 tsp Coconut Butter
• Dried Coconut Rasps
• 200 ml Water

Mix the barley, the spelt bran, psyllium, cinnamon and salt as well as the dark raisins in a bowl. Add the water, let soak for 20-30 minutes.

Melt the coconut butter in a pan, take off heat, let cool, then add the eggs and the pre-soaked barley, spelt bran, psyllium, salt, cinnamon and raisins.

Put back on low heat, stirring vigorously, keep the eggs yellow, don't let them turn even slightly brown. Keep stirring until dry and of firm, sticky consistency.

Take the dough out, shape into squares or balls, roll/dust in the coconut rasps. Enjoy !;-)

Just one case of an easy to prepare, quickly done and really delicious recipe for a yummy, sugar free snack!

It tastes fantabulous, stuffs you up and is really good for you!

So there's the solution: eat more than before and burn fat with food!
This is how you do it.
It is possible you know: you can live healthy AND enjoy the good life at the same time !;-)

And now ... let's eat!

See y'all in a bit!


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