Cross Training

The Importance of Cross Training:

Do you want to increase your strength, lean body mass, cardio, flexibility, balance, coordination and/or fitness level? Are you one of those people who religiously go to the gym 5 days a week and take the same class or grab a magazine and plop yourself on a recumbent bike? Do you keep injuring yourself? Or perhaps, you prefer to hibernate all winter and skip the gym because it’s too cold outside...STOP MAKING EXCUSES! If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for a change.

This type of conditioning involves several different types of exercise utilizing different muscle groups being worked. The beauty of mixing up your fitness training,is it eliminates you from falling into a training rut and continuously conditions different muscles so new skills can be developed. Performing the same type of exercise or movement on a consistent basis not only leads to boredom, but will not heed further muscle growth or development. This is why adventure racing, crossfit and triathlon have become so mainstreamed and popular. What differentiates an extraordinary athlete from an ordinary athlete is that “extra” used in their training. Removing yourself from your fitness comfort zone and challenging your body can result in huge athletic gains. If you want to feel and see visible results with your fitness and athletic performance, change your workouts.

his change of workout routine creates "muscle confusion" which has been proven to help athletes make physical gains in speed, power and strength, while helping that weekend warrior look great. Professional athletes often start a different workout routine in the off season and even participate in other sports such as triathlon, boxing or mountain biking to mix up their "in-season" routines. Change the way you look and feel by changing it up!

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