Contacting a College Coach

Contacting College Coaches, By  Mike Briody
Many of you have reached out to me on how to best email a College Coach for the first time.  Here is a template to get you started: 
  First, let the athlete do it not the parent!  Keep a log of who and when you sent your email to, very important. Avoid using a form letter. Coaches can tell when you do. Take the time to personalize each letter or email. Many will say to cast a wide net, I am going o disagree here. Pick schools that you are not only truly interested in, but are a good fit for you, whether its grades , location etc, don't waste a Coaches time. ( do your homework here, hit the road and visit campuses, show the coach you have real interest in his Team/College.
Proofread proofread proofread, nothing worse then reaching out to a coach and mentioning the wrong university!

Include some essential aspects. There are several basic things that every letter or email should include.

·       A personalized salutation including the coach’s name. Never start with, “To Whom it May Concern.”

·       Let your HS coach know who you have contacted, many college coaches will follow up.

·       Your basic information including your high school, the position that you play, or events that you compete in.

·       Include some of your important athletic stats as well as academic stats like your GPA and placement test scores.

·       Tell the coach of any club sports or camps that you’re participating in.

·       Include any recognition you’ve received like all-conference honors, MVP mentions, and academic awards.

·       Explain why you want to play for that team.

·       Don’t forget your contact information. Make sure you’ve included your street address, phone number, and email address.


Below is a sample letter/email to a coach: Customize this but try to get all of this info in your own words. Remember Coaches often talk to each other!

Dear (Coach's Name), 

 My name is (Your name) from (City and State) and I am writing to you because of my interest in playing (sport) at (college name). I play on my high school team and I consider myself (add something about your athletic ability).    Just to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am an (position) on my school and (Now talk about your high school and club experience, any awards or honors, your work ethic, what you contribute most to the team). 

As a student, I am (about you). I currently have a -- GPA and scored an -- out of 1600 on my SATs.  I plan on retaking the SAT (date).  My goal is (score).  (Put in some extracurricular activities if applicable).  (Your academic strengths). (Say something about the college/University’s academic record and your interest there) Mention the major the college has that you have interest in, it shows you have done some homework. If you have visited the school or plan to let the coach know here. Try Not to send emails "in season"

(Include some upcoming plans and goals in this paragraph).  I hope that you are able to see me play/compete.  "I am happy to send highlight videos as well as my athletic and academic information and achievements. 

I would love to opportunity to talk about the possibility of being a part of your team in (Grad year). If there is anything I can do to help you decide whether I might be a good fit for your program please don’t hesitate to ask.  I will follow up with you soon by phone and if you have any further questions I look forward to answering them for you. 

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing back.

Sincerely,  XXXX


  Remember, if you would like to be a competitive college athlete and you have the skill and passion, there is a D1 D2 or D3 program and Coach out there that suits your goals, it just takes time and work. And as an Athlete you should be used to that already!

 Good luck with your college search!


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