Children's Nutrition

Good Children's Nutrition is important not only for a child's growth, maturation and sports performance, but for getting through school and other activities mentally alert and energetically. Feeling tired due to lack of proper nutrition, may mean their suffering through activities and not being able to achieve, which may lead to decreased enjoyment and less likelihood of long term participation in physical activities.

Some Simple Tips:

Childrens Nutrition:

1. Frequent meals and snacks providing plenty of variety are helpful for fulfilling these increased energy needs of rapid growth periods.

2. Key nutrients for growing kids are carbohydrates, protein, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and chromium. These needs should generally be met through diet, not supplements.

3. Two minerals worth paying attention to are calcium and iron. Childhood is the time to build bone strength and mass. Calcium is vital to that process. Kids should be encouraged to eat at least three servings of dairy per day. Iron is crucial, particularly for adolescent girls and vegetarians, who are at more risk of low iron levels.

4. One of the most important things a parent can do for a child, her health and her athletic goals is to set a good example. These attitudes and habits will be beneficial not only for any sporting successes, but more importantly for long-term athletic participation.

5. If there is a need to reduce body fat levels, then food choices should be modified so that fewer high-fat and calorie-dense snacks are eaten, and more fruits, vegetables and whole grains which provide the basis for energy. If body weight is a concern for your child seek professional medical advice.

It is extremely important for a child to practice regular exercise in the form of physical activities or structured workouts.

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