Lockdown Workout Challenge

I'm angry as to how this Pandemic is affecting us all. My workouts have become more intense, probably more as a theraputic FU to the viurus! Personally, having always been in finance and also a fitness professional, I've come up with a workout that includes both! Here is a lockdown workout challenge that will change everyday, keep you in tuned in to the finacial markets, is very simple (kinda), requires no equipment and may keep you motivated to workout! In addition you can do it everyday as an FU to Covid-19

This workout requires 3 exercises
Pushups OR Sit ups,
and Burpees!

each day you will go here --> https://www.bloomberg.com/markets/stocks

Remember its a "challenge" not meant to be easy!

You will look at the Dow Jones Ind Avg net change number.
Negative number = the amount of pushups you must do the next day
Positive number = the amount of situps you must do the next day
After 50 of either you must complete 5 burpees!

Sundays and Mondays your off, recover.

 If your not motivated to do it for yourself, do it for the healthcare and essential workers who are too busy to do it at all!

Are you up for the challenge?
Leave you comments below!

Stay safe,
Coach Briody

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