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Hi, My name is Mike Briody. I am an ACE certified personal trainer, athlete and fitness enthusiast located in Locust Valley. I am the founder of the original  COVERT FITNESS, a sports performance training center built on the philosophy of building a superior student athlete. I have lived a lifestyle of fitness and good health my entire life and now have dedicated my knowledge and experience to helping others achieve their fitness goals from sports specific training to weight management.

Michael Briody Triathlete

  I am a competitive multisport athlete and Ironman, who is committed to the excellence and advancements in high performance conditioning and strength development. I have a sincere interest in the development and training of today's youth athletes .

  I use a style of training and coaching that is motivational and contagious. Time is precious these days and I will make efficient use of your time, using proven methods such as "active recovery" and High Intensity Training to keep us on track as a team. I can help you stay focused on the goal that we will create together, one that is attainable and measurable. I enjoy coaching youth athletes of all ages. I have trained and coached multiple County and NY State Wrestling champions as well as many other very successful youth athletic teams.


  As with most things you have two choices when it comes to any competition, "Be Lucky or Be Prepared"..
  You can verify my American Council on Exercise credentials Here.

I truly look forward to working with you, your family, or your team !

Best Regards,

Michael J. Briody

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Coach Briody is also a SCHWINN certified spin instructor and coach, group fitness instructor, and team athletic coach.

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