21 of the Greatest Blogs Explaining How to Use Foam Rollers

by Maria

While indulging in a massage every now and then is a fun treat, it’s not always monetarily practical to get one on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean you can’t still show your muscles some love on a regular basis, though. Foam rollers, which are rollers shaped like pool noodles that are made from dense foam, are often used to help massage and stretch sore muscles, and are an inexpensive, at-home alternative to visiting a masseuse. These rollers can vary in density and firmness and are a great way to intensify a regular workout, add stability during exercise and stretch out sore muscles. If you’re thinking about incorporating foam rolling into your daily routine, take a look at these 21 blog articles, which cover everything from how to use foam rollers during a workout to how they can help you recover from an injury.

During Workouts

One way you can incorporate a foam roller into your workout is by aligning it with your spine, making sure that your head and pelvis are supported on the roller. This creates instability during the exercise, which helps you increase your balance and strengthen your core muscles. There are many other ways to use a foam roller during a workout, and these seven blog entries will show you how.

How to Use Foam Rollers in Your Pilates Workout Watch this video to learn how to add a foam roller to your workout.
8 Foam Roller Exercises for Flat Abs and Lean Legs Check out this video to learn exercises that can help improve your abs and legs.
How to Get Toned at Home—8 of My Favorite Pieces of Home Fitness Equipment Reduce stress in your muscles before, during or after a workout by using a foam roller.
How to Use a Foam Roller Take a look at this video to learn how to use a foam roller to avoid injury.
Why You Should Use a Foam Roller + Relaxation Foam Roller Workout This video will show you how to use a foam roller in a workout to relax.
Effective Foam Roller Exercises for Muscle Definition and Lengthening Using a foam roller will help stretch and lengthen your muscles so they don’t get all bunched up.
The Use of Foam Rollers Read through these exercises that use the foam roller.

To Stretch Sore Muscles

One of the best things to do to relieve stiff and sore muscles is to get a soft tissue massage. By using a foam roller with the methods explained in these seven blog posts, you can duplicate the results of a professional massage without the cost or inconvenience. Read through these explanations to learn how to reduce the pain after a workout.

High Density Foam Rollers for Post Workout Massage Work out the kinks by rolling your muscles after your workout.
The Use and Benefits of Foam Rollers for Runners When you finish your run you can use the foam roller to roll out your muscles, which will help relax them and help build long, sleek muscles.
Enhance or Unwind from Workouts with Foam Rollers Use the foam roller and your own body weight to massage and loosen up tight muscles to prevent soreness.
How to Use a Foam Roller Learn the techniques necessary to stretch out sore muscles with a foam roller.
Foam Roller: Roll Your Way to Better Health The illustrations on this blog post will help you learn the various positions you can try to stretch out your muscles.
How to Use a Foam Roller This post offers an explanation of different trigger points and how you can use the foam roller to release the tension in your body.
Weekly Exercise: Stretching the Hip with a Foam Roller Watch this video to learn how to use a foam roller to stretch out your hips.

In Physical Therapy

After an injury, your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist. These professionals will perform various treatments on you, as well as help you through some exercises that will help you recover from your injury. One of the methods of recovery typically advised includes using a foam roller. These seven blog posts will explain how you can use a foam roller to reduce your own pain or prevent injuries.

How to Use a ProUnit Performance Trainer 5 in 1 Foam Roller to Increase Mobility The foam roller is similar to a massage in that it works and stretches your muscles, which will help you with mobility.
Physical Therapy Tip of the Week: Use a Foam Roller This post is written by a licensed physical therapist, and explains how to use a foam roller for injuries.
Foam Roller Alternative for Lateral Knee Pain & ITB Syndrome in Runners ITB Syndrome, which refers to pain in your iliotibial band, is a pain on the outer knee that many runners suffer from.
Foam Roller Exercises Learn what exercises you can do with a foam roller that will help you increase your range of motion.
Foam Roller Stretching – Back/Spine Read this post to learn exercises that will help strengthen the spine to prevent injury.
The Amazing Foam Roller for Whole-Body Balancing Learn various techniques to create better balance and to help prevent re-injury.
Foam Roller Therapy: Why It’s Awesome This post is all about why you should use a foam roller to treat your tight muscles and stay healthy.


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