20 Wrestling Training tips!!

by Cole
( NY)

Briody Fitness wrestling

Briody Fitness wrestling

By Scott Cole , Head Wrestling Coach at Chaminade High School

Remember, the Summer is when Champions are built!

What you do right now can make the difference on how your season will go in a few short months.

Now I guess I don’t have to tell some of you guys who wrestle year-round. For you guys, it’s a different ballgame. You’re the guys who need training programs that can keep up with the wrestling demands you place on your body year-round in your quest to be a Champion.

But whether you aim to have a winning record, become District Champion, become State Champion, or even World Champion the following Strength and Conditioning Tips can help…

In no particular order, here they are:

1. Eat a Pre-Breakfast As soon as you wake up have one scoop of Whey Protein in 8 oz Juice. You could also have 1 scoop of Whey Protein in water plus a Banana if you prefer. This will help your body learn to preserve the muscle it loses when you sleep.

2. Eat 3 Whole Eggs Daily Whole eggs are one of the healthiest, natural foods on the earth. They help to build muscle while regulating optimal hormone levels. They serve as secondary energy when you’re cutting weight.

3. One Leg Exercises Adding a Step-up exercise or a Lunge to your training program this Summer will benefit you once the season begins. Step-ups to a Bench or box will help develop a wrestling-specific foundation that will benefit you during takedowns and sprawls.

4. Blast Strap Pushups Use a pair of Blast Straps in a Power Rack to recruit more muscles in your pecs, shoulders and triceps while giving a sustained static-contraction throughout the Rectus Abdominus and Transverse Abdominus areas.

5. Use a Thick Bar The Thick Bar is an awesome tool for presses, curls, reverse curls, seated rows and various cable rows. It brings the Brachialis muscle into the equation and the entire Flexor region. You’ll notice improved grip strength by the time the season starts.

6. Cottage Cheese at Night If you can stomach one cup of Cottage Cheese an hour before bed each night, you will help preserve a lot of muscle.

7. Parallel Grip Chinups If you have a Pullup Bar with parallel handles this is best. Keep the chest high and pull through the middle. This is an awesome exercise to help you develop strength to finish your takedowns.

8. Jog One/Two Times Each Week Pick one or two days each week to be your jogging days. Start with 12:00 minutes. Do the best you can with your jog for the 12 minutes and no more. Add one minute each week until the end of the Summer.

9. Nuts Get used to Walnuts, Cashews and Pecans. These are extremely nutrient-dense. They serve as a secondary source of energy when you’re cutting weight. They also give you ‘usable calories’ so you
don’t feel bloated and tired.

10. Uphill Sprints During your offseason you should pick a day to do Uphill Sprints. Try 5-10 per session. Don’t be afraid to take enough time to catch your breath before attempting the next sprint. Decrease the time in between sets by 15-30 seconds each week.

11. Train Your Internal Obliques One way to increase your speed and power on the mat is to train the ever-important Internal Obliques. Try Woodchoppers and Reverse Woodchoppers with a cable or bands… You can also use Russian Twists.

12. Static Contractions If you’ve read my Ultimate Wrestling Strength manual you know I’m a big fan of using static contractions when training… especially in the offseason. This is when you train a muscle without using a traditional flex and stretch method. Instead you hold steady, contracting the muscle without moving. Some good exercises are Stability Ball Neck work, Planks, Side Planks, One Leg Planks, Wall Sits, Top-position Chinup

13. Sumo Deadlifts Youth wrestlers can do these with dumbbells. High school or College wrestlers can do these with a barbell. I love Sumo Deadlifts for building offseason wrestling strength because they train the hips in a wrestling-specific range of motion.

14. One Leg Good Mornings This simple bodyweight exercise lends itself well to the total training of any wrestler. Clasp your hands behind your head, stand on one foot, then bend forward at the waist until a stretch is felt in the hamstring.

15. 3 Training Days Each Week Whether you do 3 full body routines per week or use and A-B-A, B-A-B split (good for High School training) you’ll make your best gains in strength by performing no more than 3 weekly workouts.

16. 7 Exercises Per Training Session I like to stick with 7 exercises for each Offseason training session at the High School level. This seems to work best in order to successfully address the muscles that are to be trained, and still allow adequate recuperation for more strength gains.

17. Keep It Progressive The key to any program being effective is the principle of progression. If you achieve the sets and repetitions listed than by all means add a’little bit’ of weight the next training session.

18. Suitcase Deadlifts Performing Deadlifts with one arm at a time becomes a wrestling-specific exercise quickly. You’ll get the oblique training needed to increase power and speed on the mat.

19. Reverse Lunge with Barbell This is a terrific exercise for training the hamstrings and hips. Try it by standing on a 6″ box or step.

20. Use the Track During your offseason you can use a 1/4 mile track to prepare for your upcoming season. One day per week you can sprint 1/4 of the way around the track, followed by walking 1/4 of the way. Keep alternating until complete. You can also sprint the long way on each side and walk around the curves for variety

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Sep 24, 2015
by: Anonymous


Sep 24, 2015
by: Anonymous


Jul 23, 2013
by: Coach Briody

Although there are many things one can do, this is great advice and a good place to start! Thanks for putting this together!

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