20 Blogs Explaining the Many Benefits of Meditation for You and Your Child

by Sara Dawkins

It’s likely that you’ve heard of meditation, and you may even have a vague idea of what it entails, but do you really know what it is? The act of meditating is accomplished when you close your eyes and fully concentrate on your breathing, disregarding any thoughts that enter your mind. While this sounds simple, the process of completely clearing your mind is one that’s actually difficult to accomplish. Turning off your thoughts for just a few minutes a day can offer a variety of benefits, with just a few being stress relief, clarity and treatment of depression. These 20 blog entries explore all the different ways that regular meditation can improve your health and well-being.

Stress Relief

A few minutes of meditation can have a significant effect on stress. By concentrating on your breath coming in and out of your body you are focusing your brain and letting go of anything and everything causing you stress. This can help you reduce your blood pressure and relax, easing the tensions of the day. These five blog articles explain how to meditate and why it helps reduce stress.

Meditation: Health Benefits of Meditation This article discusses how meditating helps your body and muscles relax, effectively allowing the stress to melt away.
Benefits of Meditation Learn how to quiet your mind and relax your body by reading this blog article.
Benefits of Meditation for Teenagers Meditation can help with mental clarity as well as stress relief, which can help teens deal with common adolescent stressors.
10 Ways that Meditation Can Change Your Life This post explores many of the benefits meditation offers.
Benefits of Meditation As you continue to practice meditation you will achieve an even deeper sense of calm that will reduce your stress levels.


Many athletes use the common tactic of visualizing success before a performance to help propel them to victory, a concept that is similar to meditation. Practicing meditation can help athletes focus more and stay relaxed. For more information about how meditation helps athletes perform at a higher level, read these blog entries.

Mallika Chopra: Train Your Mind Like an Olympic Athlete Meditation trains your mind to quiet your thoughts and focus, which is important when concentrating on a sport.
Robert Piper: 10 Reasons Why Every Athlete Should Meditate According to Robert Piper, athletes that meditate are better able to deal with pain and the other mental aspects of sports.
Athletes Who Meditate to Improve Their Game Nerves and stress can cause an athlete to miss the game winning shot, however by meditating an athlete is able to relax and focus.
Teaching Athletic Training Education Quieting the minds of kids can help them to be better able to deal with their responsibilities.
How Meditation Can Improve Athletic Performance One of the benefits of meditation is better sleep habits, which is something that all athletes need to continue to perform at a high level.


Meditation is centered on the idea of focusing on a single thing, such as your breathing or a specific word or mantra. This focus can then translate into your everyday life, helping you focus during a test or a big presentation. Check out these five blog entries to learn more about finding your focus.

Apha Brain Waves Correlate With Sensory Focus= Meditation + Secondary Benefits Read all about the scientific explanation of how the brain can tune out certain things during meditation and focus on other things.
Instant Benefits of Meditation for You Learning to focus your mind can also improve your energy and vigor when you’re not meditating, according to this post.
Dyan Diamond on the Fantastic Journey of Meditation During meditation you can achieve focus, which carries through to your daily life.
The Science Behind Meditation, and Why it Makes You Feel Better Read about how meditation can lead to faster thinking.
Is Meditation Really Beneficial, or Is It Just Ridiculous? According to this blog article, there are several scientific studies that prove how useful meditation is.

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