15 Blogs Informing You How to Improve Posture in You and Your Kids

by Kevin Thompson
(Huston, Texas)

Maintaining good posture is beneficial for adults and children in many ways, but it’s also something that many people struggle with. Regular slouching can cause you to have a misaligned spine, which can result in chronic pain. A strong posture, on the other hand, gives you more confidence and makes you appear slimmer. There are many ways you can improve your posture, and these 15 blog entries are full of tips, suggestions and explanations for doing so.

Adult Posture Exercises

Adults spend several hours a day hunched over a keyboard or slumped over a cell phone, which is detrimental to your posture. Sometimes it actually seems easier to slouch than it does to sit up straight. However, there are several exercises you can do to counteract these habits. To improve your posture and reduce back aches, try the exercises in these five blog articles.

Exercise to Improve Your Posture View the four exercises in this post to learn how to improve your posture.
Lean and Tall in Minutes The exercises in this blog post come from three disciplines: Pilates, yoga and ballet.
Two Exercises to Improve Posture These two exercises are easy to do and can be done any time you’re in a time crunch.
Improve Your Posture Try these simple exercises to help improve your posture.
Exercise Tips to Improve Your Posture Little changes to your daily routine can have you walking and sitting taller in no time.

Tips for Improving Kids’ Posture

This generation of kids spends more time hunched over a computer or crouched over a handheld electronic device than ever before, so it’s no wonder they are having back problems and suffering from poor posture. By correcting posture problems early on, kids can avoid forming lifelong bad habits. Take a look at these five blog posts to learn how you can help your child improve his posture.

Check Out the Benefits of
Yoga for Kids Yoga teaches a series of poses that strengthen the core muscles and improve your child’s posture.
7 Tips for Teaching Your Kids Good Posture Kids tend to have poor posture because they sit hunched over video games, cell phones and computers, so it’s important for you to take steps to help improve their posture.
How to Improve Your Posture—Tips for Children Encourage your kids to exercise and to work on balance to improve their posture.
Ideas for Helping Kids Develop Better Posture Take your kids on a bike ride or to climb at the park to develop muscles that will help make their back straighter.
Child’s Body Posture Tips Having your child walk barefoot will actual encourage good posture, as will sitting in chairs that are sized down for him.

Why Posture is Important

Poor posture will cause chronic back and shoulder problems, and could even cause organ problems. Improperly sitting at your desk can also be the cause of chronic headaches. To learn more about why correct posture is so important, read through these five blog posts.

The 5 Most Common Posture Related Problems Learn about medical problems that can occur as a result of poor posture.
Poor Posture at the Root of Many Medical Problems! Many of the aches and pains that you experience on a daily basis can be caused by a misaligned spine, making it important to correct poor posture.
Debate: Health Problems Related to the Geek Lifestyle Are your headaches and backaches caused by poor screen posture? Read this post to find out.
Improving Posture Could Save Americans Millions in Healthcare Teaching kids to have good posture can prevent many medical problems down the road.
3 Habits that Cause Big Problems Later On According to Dr. Goldthwait, Harvard Medical School, slouching can cause organs to be out of place, which can cause them to function incorrectly.

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